CEO’s Message


The Energy terrain in West Africa is fast changing in the face of growing economic activities and demand. In this respect, the old ways of providing energy solutions in the region must necessarily be adapted or give way to new and more innovative approaches; if energy demand is to be met in a sustainable manner. HANISA Energy is a unique addition to the energy sector players; in that, it pursues a singular mission to push the envelope a notch higher each time per energy sector concerns. The company is engineered not to settle for regular energy sector activities. This approach is to enable a guaranteed security of power in the growing and fast-becoming-dynamic sub-Sahara African economies.

To do this, HANEp is looking at providing the elusive yet fundamental solutions that will ensure the availability of power. Key among these is a robust supply chain of feedstock for power generation. As such, HANEp’s model for LNG supply is a key determinant in our drive to help stem the perennial power crisis in most West African Countries, including Ghana.

Another great prospect that beckons Africa in its quest to become self-reliant in its Energy needs is alternative energy sources such as Solar, Wind and Biofuels. HANEp is exploring avenues to develop and become a robust and reliable alternative energy solutions hub for the region; while currently providing available technologies, including solar power, to our valued clients. We are most grateful to all stakeholders, including government and its sector agencies, Independent Power Producers (IPPs) as well as our international partners and clients for their support. We are keen to continue to work with you all in a positive way to weave Africa’s energy story into a most progressive pattern.


David Asinah.